Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Neighbours

My whole family has been bothered by this irritating knocking sound for the longest time.

They knock at 10pm, sometimes 11pm, 1am, 2am, 5am 6am or 7am!!!! NO NEED TO SLEEP AH????? OMFG!!

So yesterday, the moment Kris and I stepped into my house, we heard that knocking sound again (it was 9pm). We decided to go up to "confront" the culprit, in a nice way of course.

When we reached the 11th floor, it was so stepped into another world LOL
and it was very quiet!

So we went to look for the Auntie 2 (check out the diagram below) living above us, she is actually a very nice lady.

"hello auntie, did you hammer on something?"

"Oh! You guys heard it too???"

"Ya, it has been bothering us for a very long time, because they knocked in the middle of the night"

"Ya ya!! We don't know who is it too! But the knocking sound you heard earlier on was from my next door (her left side neighbour), normally they will prepare for their next day meal, it only lasted for a while"

Right side neighbour opened her door (Auntie 1 from below picture)..............

We started discussing who is it from....

Auntie 1 said she went down to 8th floor and saw Suspect 2 using a bamboo stick to hit the ceiling wall....It's either suspect 2 Buey Tahan the knocking from above and so wanna revenge or suspect 2 is really crazy.

Auntie 3 who is innocent, told auntie 1 and suspect 2 she is a victim too....

So we conclude it might be suspect 1, who is my next door neighbour.

This morning, around 6am, we heard the knocking again...

On my way to work, I saw auntie 1 at the lift lobby...

"Girl ah, I think 8th floor is the culprit! Because I put my ear against the wall and I don't think its from 10th floor"

WAH!!! Auntie 1 so powerful ah!! She's from 11th floor, and she can tell it's from 8th floor???

The knocking sound is really loud, so if its really from 8th floor, I pity suspect 2's neighbour and 9th floor neighbour...

Sibei boliao can?? These aunties really too free already...

So anyway, since we know our next door neighbour, maybe we should ask them if they heard the knocks as well, if they are the culprit, I'm sure they will not admit it Zzzzz but hopefully they will feel guilty by disturbing my parent's precious sleep!!!

My parents wake up at 1.30am everyday for work can? They said they heard the knocks as well... poor papa and mama =(

Hopefully we can solve this problem soon!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bakery Story

I know this is a very old game but recently, there's this very crazy hardcore friend (joy) started playing it and got so high while sharing it with us.

Curious by it, both Kris and I started playing it as well....and yes, she is right, you will get hooked immediately!
You get to plan what to bake and how to gain more experience points and coins.
I am currently at level 19. I saw someone at level 96 WTF? No need to sleep huh?

So this is how my bakery looks like now....I wanna earn more money so I can make it chio-er LOL

Monday, June 20, 2011

And so I am Mrs Tan.............

Ok I am kidding.......but since we have gotten our BTO's more or less there lah huh?
SO BORING!!!! Typical Singaporean style of "confirming" or should I say moving on to the next stage.

Hello Kris Tan Chee Sheng! Where is my ring?!?!?! kuakuakua...ok, shall not stress him anymore HAHAHAHAHA.... *where is my ring~~~* *where is my ring~~~* *where is my ring~~~*

So, to those who have been following us in Twitter or Facebook should know which BTO we've gotten.
Anchorvale Cove is our future housing estate!!!! Its near Punggol Reservoir & SengKang Riverside Park and also diagonally across Sengkang Sports Complex! It's really not a bad location..both of us love it!
The project will take 3 yrs for near yet so far.

We are consider very lucky because this was our 3rd application. The first 2 was out due to the lousy queue number. So this was the first time we went down to Toa Payoh HDB Hub to choose our unit. First choice baby~~ ^^

I am really looking forward to it... \(^.^)/

Future Home

random: Check out Krisandro's newly set up tumblr (

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Birthday celebration 2011.

I had an awesome Birthday celebration this year!
Really enjoyed myself, love all the presents and thanks for the dinner treats from some of you!
Thanks guys!

Decided to have a short getaway and so I suggested Batam Harris for their Spa Sensation with Kris. I've been there before with RJRJ and I thought it's not bad for SGD155 net per pax! (excluding ferry tax).
Package includes:
- 3 hrs spa (scrub, spa and massage)
- free wooden pan pizza
- free 1 bowling game
- breakfast for 2
- transport to Nagoya Hill mall and back

In the ferry........

took some silly shots at the "beach"

end of Batam trip LOL! Sorry for being so abrupt.

Birthday dinner with The People at Brussel Sprouts @ Robertson
The clams in cream broth is really good! I will go back for their clams, not the mussels.

Dinner with the colleagues at Em by the river.
Another favourite chill out place with good beer!

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Hello people! My first 2 Birthday presents from my lovely friends~~

Will blog once I get ALL presents.. LOL
as if I will get many...
you know, once you get older, you get lesser presents...
but it's ok, as long I have my lovely friends, family and my stylo milo boyfriend aka future husband by my side, I'm happy already...^^

ok I go sleep nao..good night and enjoy the Monday BLUEEEEEEE

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've been sooo lazy recently!!! No mood to blog, Twitter is the only thing that I go to, and plurk, oh and facebook, all in on gadget, iPHONE!!!!

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I check is my Tweetdeck and read through all the twits I'm following, followed by Facebook =_= MY LIFE IS WONDERFUL~~

Anyway, there's so many things I wanna share in my blog, but the uploading of photo turns me off BIG TIME!
Like my recently trip to Phuket with the company (alright, Nov was recent right?), my Christmas celebration with Kris the Krismas baby, actual celebration with THE PEOPLE and my Bangkok trip on Jan!!! So many photo can?
I shall TRY to do it when I'm free-er...

So as for now, I will only upload some camwhoring photo I took last week....
Hey, don't judge me k! That's my hobby since years ago! When I was 18 or 19 years old...I started exploring make up, and started doing trials at home, smokey eyes effect is my favourite!!! Because of my small and single eyelids bloody eyes, I've to do black color only, to make my eyes look BIGGER. Thanks to fake lashes, it gives me instant double eyelids!

The first picture looks abit weird because I used the poster effect from my Canon S95.
My eye shadow looks even weirder because I went to put the double eyelid glue after applying my eyeshadow, then it became cakie and I reapply the eyeshadow again and use PS to patch up some lobang LOL! Anyway, the main thing here is not abt my eyes, check out my new perm hair!!! Nice boh? I like it alot ^^

a more normal but boring pattern....

can you see my double eyelids?? I tried using the method taught by cheeserland, I applied the double eyelid glue over my eyelid (duh) and used the fork like thingy to poke my lid to create a thicker eyelids (too many eyelids)
It looks better when I open my eyes but DAMN WEIRD when I look down, can see like there's a layer of something over my eyelid and it doesn't look natural.. ME NO LIKE!

one last HIAO pose! TATA~~

Thursday, December 30, 2010

ByeBye 2010 and Hello 2011!

Everyone is doing the 2010 thingy, so I will also chap in….

What have I achieved in 2010?

Wah, I hate to think about serious stuff….

- In terms of work, I’ve not achieve anything, I’m still in my first job, coming Mar will be my 3rd year here. I know I know, it’s time to move on….

- I’ve managed to endure not to cut my hair for ermmm, 3 months?
It’s now in the middle length! *clap clap* (my middle lenth = longer than my chin LOL)

- I’ve kept a total of 6 lovebirds within 2 years!!! At first, I only wanted 1, and then I find it lonely, so I bought another one. Who knows?!?!? It’s an opposite sex lovebird! And there comes the offspring of Bluey and Greenbean……….

- I’ve pick up the habit of closing the toilet bowl lid after every use before flushing! Kris wants me to do it because it’s more hygienic! Imagine not closing the lid, all the bacteria and germs will float up and stick to your bath towels, toothbrush or face towel!!! Ewwwww…..

- I’ve met a bunch of wonderful colleagues, who brought so much laughter and joy!
Can’t imagine going work without them, it will be hell boring! (You know the office is sooo quiet it can be very scary HAHAHAHA) but I love lunching in with the bunch of them! It’s the only time ALL of us let our hair down!

So that sums up everything! Boring huh?
Anyway, let’s welcome the Year 2011 with a BIG BIG HUG!!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

40th Month-sary @ Miharu Sapporo Ramen

Always wanted to try the ramen from Miharu since my Japanese boss himself recommended this place.
It was hidden at this ulu corner of Gallery Hotel with indoor and al fresco area for you to dine in.

We were quite early so we were the first customers in the restaurant.

I can't remember which Ramen I ordered because I was too eager to try it.
Read from the reviews from HGW to top up char siew or noodles as its worth the money.
So Kris ordered this ramen with extra noodles while mine was with garlic oil and extra char siew.
Obviously I didn't finish ALL the char siew! Gave some to Kris....

Gyoza as the starters...Kris liked it! He said it's good but to me, most gyoza taste the same =x

Overall, I really like the broth and noodles!
Broth is salty as what many people reviewed, but I'm a salty person WAHAHAHAHAHA
ok what I meant was I prefer salty food rather than sweet treats, so to me, the broth is really just nice. It has this special fragrance to it which I've never tasted before from so many ramen I've tried!
But Kris said he will not go back again =(
I will definitely go back for other flavors!

Anyway, Happy 40 Months to my love!~!~!~! *muacks*

updates: The Char siew sucks! HAHAHAHA too tough...but to me, as long the broth and the noodles are good, I'm fine with it!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random thoughts of the night

- I have decided not to get my double eyelids done
- I have decided not to do my eye lasik (maybe in the near future)
- I have decided not to get any branded bag (bye bye Miu Miu or Prada)
- I have decided to save ALL my bonus (errr...ok maybe $500 for some shopping)

I feel quite depress knowing that I still didn't get to save my first 5 digits despite working for more than 2 yrs!!!
So my goal is to do it soon!
Hopefully the temptation isn't too great when I get my bonus during end of this year =s